The wildest decoration covers the emblematic room of our restaurant. Unbeatable gastronomy, entertainment, DJ and cocktails for the enjoyment of our most privileged customers.


The area of our garden has a unique charm, comparable in exclusivity and distinction to the gastronomic excellence offered there.


The terrace of our restaurant is a unique and cozy place that invites our customers to enjoy the outdoor dining experience.


In the area of our establishment dedicated to the preparation of cocktails, a unique atmosphere is created that fuses various elements such as luxury, extravagance, fun and exclusivity, allowing our customers to experience incomparable sensations, which are the result of the dedication and talent of our cocktail experts.


“Put yourself in the hands of the chef” is the meaning of the name of this space that will allow our customers to be surprised by the luxury selection of our experts in the kitchen.


Our reserved area, is a space for our customers who want an intimate atmosphere, we have 4 of them.